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Europe Travel..!!

About Europe

Europe stretches from Asia to the Atlantic and from Africa to the arctic. There are millions of international visitors visiting Europe. The country has well preserved cultural heritage. The infrastructure of Europe is very efficient. The soft breeze touches you to the soul. You enter a new sphere of rich culture. There is a wide difference in the cultures and way of living in the countries of Europe. The city of London is a wondrous experience altogether. The tourist’s attractions in the place are many and exciting. A whole lot of museums are there to watch in London. The royal places are with historic importance and beauty here is joy forever.
The climate of Europe is temperate. It is sub-tropical near the Mediterranean Sea in the south. In Scandinavia the climate is extremely cold. The best time to visit Europe is in the summers.
There are 360 national parks in Europe. The continent is the world’s second most densely populated continent. The national park of Iceland is the largest.


The culture of Europe is multiple cultures. The geographical regions oppose one another. The whole of Europe sees dominance of Christianity. The European culture because of its global connections grew adopting other cultures and influencing the other cultures. The art, sculpture, music, architecture, literature, performing arts, science all have seen culmination in their respective fields. There is an indigenous range of folk music in the continent. The European organization for nuclear research is the birthplace of the World Wide Web, isn’t that an interesting fact about Europe.
Despite its competition with United States in music it is the spiritual home of classical music and opera. Europe has many musical festivals like Roskilde festival in Roskilde, the Szigeti festival in Budapest and the king of all the Glastonbury in England. The Woodstock festival in Poland is also a much awaited festival


There are hotels for international visitors all around Europe. There are hotels in Albania, Austria, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and all facility hotels in United Kingdom. The hotels provide the visitors with
• International facilities.
• A booking at the hotel at the hotel can be made beforehand this can also be done online.
• A 3 star or a 2 star would be more economical it depends on what your pockets allow. • The hotels provide the touring facility also.
• The reception at the hotels is warm and welcoming. They shall help you when in trouble.

Cities to travel in Europe

The cities ranked top ten in Europe are- • Amsterdam- famous for canals, hashish and red lanterns.
• Athens-the acropolis. The ancient temples, medieval temples, churches, early modern neoclassical mansions, the birthplace of western civilization with history of 3,400 years.
• Barcelona-Gaudi’s cosmopolitan home on Mediterranean coast.
• Berlin-the capital of Germany since 1990.
• Istanbul-the main city it spans two countries.
• London-capital of Britain.
• Moscow-the largest city in Europe it is famous for the Kremlin.
• Paris-the capital France.
• Prague-it has many bridges over Vltava river.
• Rome-a historic city.